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    Lynk Ventures LLC (“Lynk”) is a healthcare and real estate business support services and investment company.  Lynk leverages its experience, expertise and background to provide support to different healthcare and real estate businesses throughout South Florida.  Support from Lynk comes in many forms tailored to the specific needs of its valued teams and team leaders.  The list of services and support provided by Lynk include, without limitation:

    Lynk reviews and/or prepare financial analyses of your business. Without a clear understanding of past performance and projections for the future, the likelihood of success diminishes greatly.  We leverage our extensive experience in analyzing different businesses, projects and investments to help determine the path to success.

    We review all aspects of your business and operations.  We leverage our entire team’s experience, expertise and background to look for areas of strength and areas of potential improvement.  We learn from our successes to help you succeed.  We also learn from our past mistakes to keep you from making them.  We analyze your organization and provide support where beneficial to help you link your vision into reality.

    We review your legal and corporate structuring.  We review your legal documentation and provide general legal counseling via our attorney team members.

    The success of any business is directly linked to its success in hiring and retaining the right people.  We help with the administrative components of human resources, but also support and work with you to complete your team with the right people.

    Accounting and bookkeeping is often one of the most undervalued and ignored aspects of running a successful business.  Your books tell a story – the story of your business.  We help review, organize and maintain your accounting and bookkeeping.

    Lynk invests in its team leaders.  We want to be part of your team.  We want to have skin in the game and grow as we work together to link your vision into reality.

    All the above services are performed with the main objective of determining if we can/should be part of your team.  For us, being part of your team means investing two of the most important keys to the success of any company and the true signs of commitment – Time & Money.